Cai Zhisong Online Exhibition

Cai Zhisong Online Exhibition

From: 2019.05.15
To: 2019.06.15
By: Linda Gallery

Linda Gallery Proudly presents Cai Zhisong Online Exhibition.

About the artist

Cai Zhisong is an Internationally renowned sculptor, one of the most iconic and famous Chinese sculptor of our time.

In 1997 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture, then he taught at this department for 10 years. Cai Zhisong is now a professional artist.

Cai has received many awards and amongst the important are 2001 Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon, the Rockefeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist Prize, the President’s Prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Global 100 Art Leaders, the Art Authority Figures, the 2013 Mr. Uno, the Global Chinese Fashion Leader, the “Man of the Year (Art)” in the 14th Esquire, and other awards.

Cai Zhisong's art works have been collected by many well-known museums, art galleries and art institutions, and he has created the highest auction record for a Chinese sculptor in the international art market for three times.

Cai’s artistic creation and academic activity have a wide effect on the wider community. In the past year, Cai has cooperated with many brands and enterprises, from different industries such as Mercedes Benz Coupe S500, Jaguar XJ, Range Rover, BMW Z4, Porsche, Audi A8, Lincoln SUV, Lafite, Moët & Chandon, Rémy Martin 1898, the Singleton 53, Dior, Breguet, Berluti, and Waldorf Astoria. In addition, Cai activity promotes the fusion of art and other fields of society.

About the artworks

Homeland series was created in 2016 and completed is 2017. Its main images are red-crowned crane and deer. In Chinese culture, red-crowned crane and deer carry culturally symbolic meanings. Using the traditional images, Cai hopes to express his thoughts and pursuits of a beautiful home as environmental protection is a common topic of humanity.

Red-crowned crane, full of spirituality, grace and elegance, and relatively independent and social at the same time. As endangered species and the most precious of their own kinds, they only inhabit superior habitats.



Second to no other animals, deer and crane are the best ambassadors for the core of Eastern culture. Their fairy-like character, spirituality, elegance and resemblances with ancient Chinese literati and intellects are the virtues that need to be promoted in modern Chinese society.

Starting from the ancient times, Red-crowned crane have stood for good fortune, which reminds us of the four Chinese folk deities—Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, who symbolize luck, career, longevity and happiness respectively. Though Red-crowned crane represent good fortune, they are mysterious and rarely seen in real life.